Engage your fans & monetise events



Bring the extra content of broadcast sport to your most engaged fans - the ones in the stands!



Communicate and market to your attendees at the venue in real-time.


More bums on seats

Give your fans another reason to go, with exclusive content they can’t get anywhere else.

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More sponsor revenue

Deliver timed offers for sponsors, nearby businesses and your own products to fans' phones.   

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More game day revenue

Promote your activations, food and beverage offerings and pre- and post-game events to maximise revenue. 

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Case study: Rugby

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"Our members are really enjoying the extra content and we are able to promote things happening around the ground before, during and after the game to people actually there."

- Luke Holmes, CEO, Warringah Rugby Club


Case study: Racing


Rockhampton Jockey Club,


Time with The Siren: 3 weeks


  • Increased engagement among racegoers

  • New revenue stream: mobile betting commissions


"The initial reaction from racegoers has been excitement and interest. We were keen to recapture commissions lost to betting on mobile and we've started that process."

- Tony Fenlon, CEO, Rockhampton Jockey Club