Major features

The Siren platform helps you use content to engage and communicate your message to those in the venue.

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Get more bums on seats by creating exclusive content only for fans at the venue. The system's virtual geofence technology means only those at the event see your preview content, injury updates, halftime comments, post-game celebrations, analysis - you name it!

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Teams can monetise their at-game engagement with four free promo posts per game. Posts send push notifications to opted-in fans at the ground, and offers can be saved on fans' phones for later. Stake a claim on that prime mobile real estate!

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Know exactly who is at the venue to inform your marketing. Serve location-specific advertising to them before, during or after the game. The ability to communicate with attendees at your event can also unlock sponsorship and partnership opportunities with nearby businesses and services.

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We're always working on new ways to make event days better! Imagine booking a shared car space near the venue at the touch of a button, or getting food from stadium vendors delivered to your seat! 
The Siren platform is only getting better!

Exclusive team content


Exclusive behind-the-scenes content

There's more to your game or event than what's happening on the big stage. What about:

  • Content from the locker rooms
  • Previews of what's coming up
  • Analysis or reaction of what just happened
  • Related content about the big names involved
  • Calls to action to get fans involved in activations
  • The team song or post-conference highlights

Whatever the content, the more you can engage those in the venue in their down-time, the more value you bring to the experience. After all, whether it's a sporting event, music festival, fun run or conference, a sense of connection and belonging to the event and its personalities is why everyone is there!


Location-aware offers

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Offers are more valuable at your location

There's a reason bands sell merch at the event, and teams promote their next game during the current one - when we're at the event we're in "event-mode" and we're fully engaged. What better time to:

  • Promote your own products, memberships and upcoming events
  • Bundle value-add benefits around the venue into memberships
  • Partner with local businesses in before- and after-event marketing
  • Boost your non-event-day revenue with offers customers can save for later
  • Create promotions to sell excess food, beverages or merchandise to reduce wastage

More fan data


Do you know who is actually at your event and when?


Does your ticketing provider release attendance data in real time?  

If you don't know who is at your events and what their interests are, it's a lot harder to get them to come back. The Siren platform produces real-time data of who is at your event using the app.

Offer frequent attendees upgrade or volume discount opportunities, or overlay attendance data with membership data and discover who is coming along a lot but isn't a member. Now you know who to target!

Whether it's for lead generation, cross-marketing or fan engagement, if you don't own and gather your data, someone else will!


More to come...

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Solving event day pain points...

The Siren already offers sports betting, partner integration and ticket purchasing functions, but there are more ways we can make events better.  

What if you could order food delivery to your seat? What if you could book a park-share parking space near the event on the way there. What if you could produce a highlight reel of your event experience with your selfies built in?

At The Siren, we're working hard to turn all of these what-ifs into realities. Come along for the ride!