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The Siren is a content gathering and distribution platform that helps event-holders use content to engage their audience and monetise their events. 


Give your fans another reason to go to your game or event by engaging them with extra content they can't get anywhere else. Location-relevant content, offers and ads from your business and partners make game day even better - and boost your revenue. Get started for free!



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We can engage your customers three ways - via our app, integrate into your existing app or we can produce a branded app for you.


SPORT: Our platform is for sporting organisations who want to bring the extra content of broadcast sport to their most engaged fans - the ones in the stands! We use a geofence to help you get more bums on seats by making your event experience better. 

EVENTS: Our platform is for event-holders who want to communicate with attendees at their venue in real-time using just a phone. General information, marketing, partner promos, activations or just crowd-wrangling - who doesn't want to keep their event communication?

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Communicate with your customers when they're most receptive - while they're engaged and in the venue. Knowing who your fans are and where they are opens a world of location-based marketing opportunities for you and your partners. And what new partners nearby may want to talk to your customers?



How do we do it? We create a virtual circle around your venue called a "geofence". The platform only lets those inside the circle see your content.

But the details aren't important right now. To find out more about The Siren platform, just click on that little button below (we like to keep things simple). We'll get back to you and discuss how we can help you. Remember, The Siren is free to try, with no lock-in contracts.