The Process


Using The Siren at your event is easy. Here's how it works...

Admin portal - landscape.png


Before the big day, give us the details of your event, including:

  • Event name
  • Team/organisation name
  • Location
  • Time and date of event
  • Logo
  • Ticket purchase link (if available)

We'll put all of that info in our system. It takes about 5 minutes to set up an event, anywhere in the world. You'll also get a login to your own area in our mobile-friendly portal.

Time to let everyone to download The Siren! Use a call to action like this in all your comms and socials:

Siren-app-download graphic-w-logo-lockup.png


You'll want to promote your products (and your partners') to those at your event. You get two promos per event for free, and can on-sell up to 10 more (or we can on your behalf). There is also a persistent button position available (see red button below). Promos are an image that is 400px x 1000px. Just design and supply your promo images (or we can do it for you). We'll schedule them to appear during your event so you don't need to worry about them on game day. They may be:

  • A jersey or merch discount
  • Membership or upgrade offer
  • Food/beverage offer for in our near the venue
  • After the game event call-to-action
  • A partner venue offer with a redeem code
  • A co-branded partner offer
Daily-Siren-App-Designs-ads example.jpg


It's game day! By now you'll have told all your fans or attendees to get The Siren by putting up posters at the venue, explaining what The Siren is on social media and your comms and telling your PA announcer. Just log in to The Siren admin portal on your phone and start recording interesting content and publish to everyone using the app in a few clicks. Posts are either images or short videos, with a little text. Examples include:

  • Pre-event preparations/warm-up
  • Locker room/green room goings-on
  • Speakers backstage/behind-the-scenes
  • Crowd reactions
  • At-event activation or calls-to-action
  • Event operational alerts
  • Preparations for special shows/demonstrations
  • Half-time/break interviews or analysis
  • Mascot/activation hi-jinx
  • Team locker room victory/defeat reaction
  • Post-event reaction/wrap


The engagement was great, but what about the bottom line?

Used consistently over time, The Siren is proven to deliver:

  • Higher attendance: due to a better event experience.
  • Better event revenue: due to food/bev offers, better comms and longer venue dwell time.
  • Higher merch/membership sales: due to timed comms.
  • Smoother event operations: due to mass-notification capability.
  • Higher partner revenue: due to new digital inventory sales.
  • Better event data: due to Siren usage data.